66mint creates a personalized experience for every customer and promises to provide discreet and exemplary customer service whether working by personal appointment in the casual setting of our San Francisco boutique or internet with our customers throughout the world.

Sarah: “Put it in the collection plate at church. ” That usually means the most you’ll pay for a completely ethical, eco friendly AND gorgeous piece of jewellery is $1000 (till they introduce sizes larger than one carat, at least). The Definitive Leaders from the New York Diamond District. Melanie: “Sold my diamond ring. Another online only company, Brilliant Earth’s ethos is all about protecting and contributing to the ground.

Get in touch with us 877-693-4239 to get one on one private help with your diamond hunt. Purchased an entrance to a marathon, new running shoes, got my hair cut and coloured, bought my children a toy, and paid my lawyer (some) of the money I owed. They offer a ‘beyond conflict-free’ warranty , they utilize recycled precious metals at a lot of their designs, and they contribute 5 percent of their net profits back into the mining communities where they operate.1

We’re here to aid you with all of your diamond purchasing needs. It was tough, but I’m glad it is not there burning a hole within my soul. ” Those donations are used for medical help, land restoration, gemology instruction and child labour prevention, among many other worthy causes. Our partners have plenty of knowledge about diamonds they are anxious to discuss with you. ” Like James Allen you can create your own unique layout, and they provide a complimentary diamond bracelet with each gemstone purchase (subject to terms and requirements, as per normal ). Gather information from our site and find out our diamond stock or simply call NYDEX and speak with a professional. Marilyn: “Sold it. ” Another company that trades solely in lab diamonds, sterile Origin is the brainchild of a third-generation jeweller and combines the best of the old and new diamond jewellery practices.1 Every diamond has unique characteristics that makes one diamond different from the following. It was cheap like our union. ” Their collection runs the gamut from traditional solitaire engagement rings to glitzy double halo designs in white, yellow or rose gold. Every feature effects the worth of a diamond.

Joan: “Since mine is 3.5 carats I still wear the fucking thing… ” They provide an extremely generous 100 day refund or exchange policy, no questions asked… and you don’t actually need to pay shipping fees . Contact or email us to get personalized help to get the ideal diamond for any event. Eve: “I made it on the dresser for him and a notice that stated it was as worthless as his vows to me. ” The choice available is next to none , and that means that you ‘re bound to find an engagement ring that she ‘ll immediately fall in love with.1 Search our diamond inventory of over 30,000 diamonds. Shonda: “Bought hardwood floors for the home. Engagement & Wedding Rings. Gorgeous estate, antique and vintage inspired engagement rings featuring repurposed diamonds that are green.

We’d fought over that while we were wed. Welcome to the Home page for The New York Diamond Exchange. NEW ADDITIONS.

I enjoyed my new floors for three years prior to selling the home. Found in the heart of the New York antiques & Diamond District, this is your unique chance to buy diamonds and diamond jewelry direct from American gemstone producers at below wholesale costs. View the most recent additions to our collection of exceptional fine estate jewelry.

The realtor estimates the floors added $25,000 value. Loose Diamonds. TRULY EXCEPTIONAL. Win! ” We provide both loose and mounted diamonds.1

Some of the finest jewels in the world for the discriminating collector with impeccable taste. Shanna: “Wrapped it up in a bunch of scrunchies, and hauled it to the middle of a river. ” Gold and platinum diamond engagement and wedding rings, wedding rings, diamond stud earrings, diamond tennis bracelets, diamond eternity rings. 66mint Is Proud To Announce Our Vintage Inspired Custom Engagement Collection. Brenda: “If my divorce was final, I put them in an urn that holds the ashes of my baby girl furbaby.

We list thousands of diamonds in all shapes and sizes graded for the 4c’s, Color, Clarity, Cut, Carat Weight. Launched in 1912 and family owned and operated for 3 generations, 66mint Fine Estate Jewelry specializes in extraordinary estate pieces for the discriminating collector in addition to unique classic and antique inspired engagement rings featuring repurposed diamonds.1 She’s gone and so is my union, so now they — the memories — are all entwined forever. ” All certificate information can be found on our internet website. 66mint creates a personalized experience for every customer and promises to provide discreet and exemplary customer service whether working by personal appointment in the casual setting of our San Francisco boutique or internet with our customers throughout the world. Jess: “My wedding band was worn, and engraved on the inside, so I couldn’t get more than scrap stone value for it.

Sell your unwanted jewelry to San Francisco most trustworthy buyer. Why I Bought Myself a Engagement Ring. It had felt like a shackle to wear. ” Cyn K. “I bought myself an engagement ring in Tanzania,” I emailed a group of my grandparents, mainly for effect.1 Julie: “I shot all of the jewelry that he gave me to our jeweler who bought them. This is the best place to go for engagement rings. I knew it’d give them something to talk about the next time they met up for drinks without me.

Most were “sorry I screwed up” bits, so all loaded with bad memories. The expertise, the selection, and the support – you’ll walk off with an wonderful memory to go alongside such a significant purchase. My girlfriends like to gossip.

I purchased several pieces which I really love, including nice diamond stud earrings, and don’t miss a single piece! ” You hear the prices. They’re bitches like this. Is it OK to sell your engagement ring?

Jaw drop. They particularly like to gossip about me, the last woman standing in our group of college buddies, the only one who didn’t get married last year. 100% yes, it is OK to sell your engagement ring.1

Diana H. “Poor Jo! She travels all of the time. ” Legally, it is yours, nobody else will need it in the future, and you can cash in that asset in order to add pleasure, meaning or financial stability to your life now! It’s hard spending a large sum of money without seeing the product in person from someone who you ‘ve never met in person. 66mint was wonderful to manage. “She must have just married the last man. ” More about my own experience selling my gold and diamond engagement ring: Now I have a gorgeous sapphire ring. Perhaps I should have, but I didn’t. I had a very magnificent engagement ring.

It’s even more beautiful in person and exceeded my own expectations. So I bought myself an engagement ring at the Four Seasons in the Serengeti during a trip nice enough for a honeymoon even though it wasn’t.1 It wasn’t it was huge or particularly expensive. Honest and trustworthy. I’ve been the managing editor of Yahoo Travel since April, which is about how long I’ve been single.

It was unique — that the 24-carat yellow gold band consisted of a half-dozen hand-hammered attached spheres, each based with a rather nice diamond. I’d definitely buy from them again. I love the notion of marriage. It was totally my style, and it got plenty of attention (which is also my style). Carmen D. I love it so much that when I finally do it I want it to last forever. When I divorced, I put the wedding rings at the safe in my home. This experience was completely unlike ring shopping, in the best way possible.

Now I am single and 34. At the back of my mind, I thought I would give them to my daughter one day — a token of this union that produced her.1 Adventuring through their beautiful selection was completely educational and unhurried.

I have my dream job, one which has allowed me to travel to 12 countries in the previous nine months, telling stories throughout the globe. Additionally, I just wasn’t prepared to sell the engagement ring — or part with the time of my life. They were really patient, kind and knowledgeable. It’s such a fantasy that some days I don’t even think it’s real. I see now I wasn’t prepared to face it. They even let me try on a ring or two that we all knew I’d not buy, simply to feel just like Grace Kelly to get… a second. I’m convinced that I will wake up one morning and Richard Dawson will pop out of my cupboard to tell me that this isn’t my entire life in any way.

Selling a diamond engagement ring can be stressful — but finally freeing, and a smart financial move.1

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