Changing the Identity of a Online Host

The VirtualHost node in the left lite contains a table of all of the virtual hosts defined within a domain. Whenever you change the identity of your digital host, you can include it using the ServerAlias enquête. It can be used to specify more than one name in order to use wildcard personas. For more information, observe “Changing the Term of a Domain name. ” To learn more, see “How to Change the Domain Name of your Domain. ”

Select a node in the proper pane and click on the VirtualHosts table. Inside the virtual website hosts table, you will see all the VirtualHosts defined in the domain. Click on the Delete icon and validate by clicking Yes. This will remove the web-server icon in the VirtualHost client. The tab associated with a VirtualHost instance are on the right pane. You can edit these tabs and save your assignments.

VirtualHosts happen to be named in order to differentiate between web machines using the same IP address. They can also be arranged by type, so that a single virtual sponsor instance may serve multiple domains. If you want more control over your site, you can rent a dedicated server out of your provider. Also you can choose co-location if you want to utilize a separate web server. The difference between these two alternatives is the potential to assign distinctive names and domains towards the same physical sponsor.

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