I wrote about how to make revenue share really successful for writers here:

I wrote about how to make revenue share really successful for writers here:

I don’t know why the writers Daddyhunt Handy should have to take 100% of the risk in this model, when they are doing ALL the work of building the site. That to me smacks of writer exploitation, and is the whole reason I started this blog way back in 2008.

Also…remember that Google is targeting and killing sites like this in search, so the revenue you can earn today may not be what you can earn tomorrow.

Take a look at Demand’s stock price if you’d like to see what the future will probably look like for Guardian as well

My advice is to stay diversified! And don’t put all your eggs with a model that, like Demand Studios, Google could up and decide to kill one day soon. Because this sort of mass content delivery and requirements to write 30 posts a month rarely results in articles people really want to read.

And if the links Guardian automatically filled in are any indication, the general drift is the same sort of SEO headline junk Demand does.

Could you please explain what you mean by “done well with their income”? What’s your average hourly rate working for GLV? We freelancers live and die by the hourly rate, because that’s how we know we’re making what we’re worth.

Please don’t take this as an attack – I’m genuinely curious to know what GLV writers/editors are making, and whether it’s anywhere near the $100/hour that spells professional rates for experienced freelancers

Earlier this week, Danyelle posted an unflattering note about her limited experience with the Guardian Liberty Voice. One of our senior editors, Rebecca Savastio, posted a response. Then Carol called Rebecca a liar, yanked her post, and wrote an unflattering note about the Guardian Liberty Voice. Today I am issuing two written responses to each Danyelle and Carol, one at a time, hoping my rights to freedom of speech will prevent these notes from being yanked.

Dear Danyelle, Apparently you went through Guardian Liberty Voice Boot-camp and then quit the newspaper before even really getting started as a certified writer. You said some unflattering things about our organization, as if we are cut-throat, deceptive people dedicated to exploiting our writers at every turn. Danyelle, almost 100 writers and a dozen editors cannot all be wrong. In less than two years the Guardian Liberty Voice has already achieved a readership of over 6 million people a month. All 6 million readers keep coming back because we write good stories they enjoy reading, not for any other reason, and not for content mill junk. If we were a content mill, then how could we keep growing and growing? It is true that Boot-camp is a grueling experience.

It is certainly true that most people do not make it through Boot-camp – only 20-30% of entrants stay on to write with us. It is not for everyone. The formula is simple: you have to be a very hard-working person who is willing to get paid for what people read; and the more you write, the more people read, the more money you make. Also, you can recruit and build your own team of writers, receiving an override on their commissions. That means one thing, and one thing only: the Guardian Liberty Voice offers you a chance to start your own writing business. It’s not get rich quick, it’s definitely not easy, and it’s absolutely not for everyone. Danyelle, I want to invite you to contact me: Alex Durig, Ph.

D., VP Business Development, Guardian Liberty Voice, at or . I saw your website. I saw that you are in business for yourself as a person who can write sales stories. It seems you would be a good person to find an interesting news item, and tell the story in your own words. It seems you would be professional and serious enough to grow a team under you and earn overrides from their commissions. It seems this would be one of the greatest things you could do to promote your own ability to write sales stories and run your own business as a writer. Danyelle, if you give us another chance, I will do everything I can to help you become a successful writer with the Guardian Liberty Voice.

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