Many studies have been conducted on ASPD/Sociopathy/Psychopathy such as the PCL-R by Dr

Many studies have been conducted on ASPD/Sociopathy/Psychopathy such as the PCL-R by Dr

I have to agree with Anon605. I am a 19 year old sociopath, and I feel that this article is a little derogatory to a condition that has an extensive genetic component. Robert Hare from UBC, and none of them seem to frame it as negatively. Medical conditions after all, should remain neutral.

Consider also the heavy moral component of sociopathy as a public image. I do not believe in moral absolutes, rather I ascribe to the morally relative. This means that my sense of right and wrong will not also coincide with the social norm. To label this deviancy with a non-neutral connotation is being close-minded.

Yes, I did exhibit the MacDonald triad in childhood. Yes I have lied, I’ll admit it. But just because we lack what the social public calls a “conscience”, it does not mean that we are intrinsically a negative force. We are, ultimately, a neutral force as opposed to the “positive, conscience-driven” force of the western public.

I am thoroughly confused..Borderline, Sociopath, Narcissist, Aspergers, Bipolar, Hyper sexual. it seems the person I was involved with had all these traits and tendencies! Scary! How can a person sort it all out? He’s out of my life now. but all of

Yes, I am a sociopath

A lot of the comments here misunderstand being a sociopath. People who are sociopaths aren’t killers and don’t manipulate court decisions and so forth.

1% of women and 3% of men means 2% of all people. So every time you meet 50 new people you’re likely to meet one person who is a sociopath. anon131

He’ll never change. If he didn’t care enough about you to go to the hospital when you were sick and he went out with another woman, he’s just not that into you. Maybe that’s part of the definition of a sociopath, (not really caring about anyone) but he certainly doesn’t really care about you. You can go to therapy, spend a lot of money and waste more of your time with him, but if he really loved you, you wouldn’t have to ask if there’s something wrong with him. I’m sorry but you are just the type of person his type thrives on. You make him look normal. Your place on earth is not to make him feel good about himself, unless he makes you feel good about yourself, and that’s not going to happen. Just my opinion after years of dealing with people like him, and watching people like you try to fix them.

And I need to get over it

All my life I have known I am different. It is easy to fit in, and get along with others, even if it’s all fake. I admit to have done terrible things to people that some may consider unforgivable and feel no remorse whatsoever. On the flipside, this shouldn’t be seen as a ‘disorder’, but rather a special attribute.

Having the ability to do anything you want to and remain unaffected emotionally is something I am sure many would die, [or even kill] for.

I quite enjoy being the way I am — Though I sometimes find it hard to look past the preppy attitudes portrayed by people. If you ask me, they’re the ones hiding their true feelings acting like nothing is wrong. Hehe.. anon130

I think my boyfriend is a sociopath. We’ve been together for the last 3 years, dating 15 years ago, but relocation of our jobs separated us. In the past week I had to have surgery and needed to some help from him. He became callous and I became angry and raised my voice and expressed my disappointment in him not being there for me. One week to the day of my surgery was my birthday and I found out that my boyfriend went out with another woman. His only reaction and response was that I yelled at him and I shouldn’t have done that. I guess he thought he was punishing me – he really thinks that this makes sense. He had the right to go out, because I pissed him off. Am I crazy or is this sociopath behavior, note this is not the only time that he has behaved in payday loans lenders New Hampshire ways that seem out of touch with peoples opinions and feelings. Needless to say, I’m not going to have anything to do with him anymore. He keeps calling and asking if I’m over it yet? anon130

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