Sounds like some of the posts are individuals that are narcissistic

Sounds like some of the posts are individuals that are narcissistic

There is a difference. Often narcissistic people don’t intend harm and can be devastated by the consequences of their actions. While sociopaths or psychopaths intend the harm or are totally indifferent to it as long as it doesn’t impact them in a negative way

I wasn’t raised like most kids, therefore i didn’t turn out like most people do

I just read the last post and I must admit I felt sorry for my mother for my whole life. I gave up years of my life and that of my husband and children and I couldn’t fix her no matter how much I tried. There must be a lot of treatment and I personally saw no clue that treatment would have helped. it’s something that just isn’t there. I know that sounds hopeless and maybe mean to the person that may be trying but just one of your little lies can really mess with someones life. That kind of (being the puppet master) just isn’t something that others can live with for very long. I had a horrible childhood being brought up by my mother the soul sucker and I’m nothing like that so I have a hard time believing that it is all childhood trauma it may contribute but what my mother did over and over was a product of no conscience at all. Maybe if you went for help and were totally real and told everything you really think there might be hope but I don’t believe any sociopath could actually be that honest. People have to move away for their own safety there is no other way. Manipulation like that really messes with peoples minds and makes them doubt there own sense of reality and I think my mother got off on it. I never wished my mother dead but I sure spent hours wishing her across the country just far from me. She is dead now and my daughter and I still jump sometimes when the phone rings that just isn’t right. People that have to deal with a sociopath need support to just cope it is exhausting. Hopefully they will develop more treatment or some treatment until then I’m sorry for the sociopath that may be trying to control it but my sympathy lies with their victims. We are not just friends and family we are victims. I must admit reading that post made me think if your being truthful, I never thought my mom spent one minute ever regretting anything she did. It would be nice now that she’s gone to think maybe one day she did regret something she did to me. I must admit even in death she still has power from the grave. I am 54 years old and she always told me I was premature and about her awful experience having me and I just found out I wasn’t premature. Stuff like that is so weird I find out new stuff all the time that she had told me that just wasn’t true. It’s almost like I was adopted and don’t know the real story about my family history. I will end with I still hope there will be help out there at some point for the sociopath for the sake of all. anon116

Very hard to live with

the funny thing about this is that most sociopaths have no intention of being heartless and vile, but they do it because that is all they know. I will admit to being a sociopath, and I can tell you honestly that although I almost never feel remorse and guilt, I still try as hard as i can to be a good person. Sociopaths understand ethics. We do not choose to ignore them, we are just missing that part of our brains. Can you really say its our fault? Studies show that most if not all of the sociopaths out there are that way because of their upbringing. I know there are sociopaths out there that do horrible things, manipulate everyone they’re around, even kill people. But most of us try to be normal. And if you are normal, there’s no way you can come close to understanding how difficult that is. Every second of my life im thinking about whats wrong with my head. All day, even when i sleep, I think about solutions to my problems. And all these “experts” can say is “get these people out of your life”. Were not robots, were not animals. We can hurt like you can. And building such a harsh reputation around something like sociopathy is wrong. its not fair. are we scapegoats?

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