Suit your Aura with Spencer’s Visual Tees

Suit your Aura with Spencer’s Visual Tees

It’s Geek dating review no revelation one to ideas and psychological state is directly relevant, however, did you know color in your day to day life is unconsciously dictate and change those people thinking? Because Pablo Picasso after said, “Tone, particularly features, proceed with the changes of emotions,” and we would not agree a lot more!

No matter what type of mood you’re in right now, it’s time to get excited because today we’re talking all about colors and emotions and the relationship that they have with one another. You may not know this, but colors and emotions are specially linked in our brains in such a way that wearing, seeing, and even just thinking about certain colors can evoke certain emotions to come out. The study of this phenomenon is known as color psychology and in different cultures, there are various interpretations of what different colors mean and what kind of feelings they evoke. In this post, we’re going to be giving you a little inspiration on some aesthetic graphic tees to wear so you can perfectly show off to everyone exactly what kind of mood you’re in. Check out our entire t shirt range that features graphic long sleeve shirts, graphic crop tops, and plenty more on our site at Spencers to see all the amazing color options we have to choose from!

Red Visual Tees

Loving color overall such as for instance yellow, purple, and you may lime have a tendency to evoke high arousal ideas from just one avoid of your own spectrum to another. (altro…)

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